Tocco in Vite VeritasTocco in Vite Veritas

Our Company

Our company is located in Alanno (PE). It’s a family – run farming business, typical of our region Abruzzo. We cultivate vineyards, olive groves and sowing lands.
Most of the land is used to cultivate vineyard crops which benefit from the typical warm and sunny climate of the hills of Pescara.
In 2008 we bought new lands intended for olive groves cultivation.

Our claim “IN VITE VERITAS” that is a part of our logo, represents our mission: besides machinery, we think that, above all, the right attention and the loving work of men can give good grapes.
We believe that to get an excellent wine, each single grape requires special cares, and that’s why we choose the particular system of ”allevamento a tendone”, which is perfect in our warm and sunny climate.


Our vineyards are cultivated with the system called “a tendone o pergola”, following the morphology of our lands. They use “portinnesti” and “clones” suitable to our “terroir”.
We keep under control the strength of the plant with the right pruning – plants not too vigorous, not too low – to let the bunch enjoy sunlight.
Our lands are well drained and well exposed so that our grapes can reach the best ripeness even during periods of high humidity. The integrity of our grapes is guaranteed by handpicking.
Our grapes are the perfect synthesis between man’s work and the force of nature and we are proud to achieve a high standard of quality, for our wines.
We produce Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Pecorino, Passerina, Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, a local Moscato, Chardonnay and Pinot nero.
Cultivated surface of our lands: 11 hectares and 2 hectares in implantation.