Extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil

Name Olio extra vergine di oliva

Olive variety 80% Dritta – 20% Leccino

Collection method Hand burn and mechanical means

Extraction method Cold extraction with continuous line

Color Green with yellowish reflections

Smell Medium fruity with hints of cut grass

Taste Bitter and spicy notes with an artichoke aftertaste


Chemical analysis

Acidity in% oleic acid content: 0.30% maximum limit: 0.80%

Number of peroxides in square meters of oxygen per kg content: 6.0; maximum limit: <= 20

Total polyphenols contained per mg / kg content: mg / kg 250 minimum limit: mg / kg 100


Format 3 liter tin; 5 liter tin; 250 ml bottle; 500 ml bottle

Packing 3 liter tin in cartons of 4; 5 liter tin in cartons of 4; 12 bott. of 250 ml per carton; 12 bott. of 500 ml per carton