Extra-virgin olive oil

Our organic extra-virgin olive oil is the most precious symbol of our land. It’s the result of in-depth knowledge and hard work whose origins are lost in time.

Name Extra-virgin olive oil

Olive variety 80% Dritta/20% Leccino

Method of harvesting Manual and mechanical means

Extraction method Cold pressed using the continuous flow method

Colour Green with gold tones

Aroma Medium fruitiness with aromas of freshly-mown grass

Taste Some bitter and spicy notes with an after-taste of artichoke and almond


Chemical analysis

Acidity in % oleic acid contents: 0,30% maximum: 0,80%
Peroxide value in m2 of oxygen per kg contents 6.0 maximum <=20

Total polyphenols per mg/kg contents mg/ kg 250 minimum limit mg/kg 100


Pack size
3 litre cans in packs of 4
5 litre cans in packs of 4 12 250ml bottles per case 12 500 ml bottles per case